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Dedicate this to my best friend. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!



Hey, what the heck! It’s all gloomy! All I can do is to be as sunny as possible! Hwaiting!

So fly.

Drop & Drip.

New leaf. Starting everything new in a new environment. What a plan. I am simply in love with the idea of it.

Different people , different backgrounds, different cultures, different pretty people to wash up or relax your mind. Such a view, i am the only Chinese within my group.


What a term, it’s been a while since i last drink. Such far term to reach within my daily life for now. I should have train my alcohol tolerance. Hope it’s still work hard.

Long length hair. I will keep it. To remind me. To recall my memory. Such memory.

For sure that i will be flying. Like what G-Dragon said,” FLYIN’ “. He is so sickening hot.

Where can i get on hold on another G-Dragon.

Paper cut.

How does it feel? Not good. It doesn’t feel good. Not good AT ALL.

Jazz. I love jazz. It relax your mind and your soul. I should take up some music class.

Work. To this extend. Everything is good. I enjoyed working a lot. At least i am not wasting my time plucking mushroom. That is one serious case of committing suicide slowly. I need some serious flats. Heels are killing me.

Stomach. I have not take good care of it since i worked. I should really look after it since it does not feel so well these few days.

Promises. I will drop whatever bad habit i have and be a another good Karlyn.

I believe in nothing, not the Earth, not the stars, not the day, not the dark.


You learnt. You applied. You just do not know why.

Sometimes, dilemma occured. Yet, you chose the side you’re bias forward to. Humans are inescapable from their emotions. Yet, this is what makes human so fascinating about.

You changed, i changed. But seriously, when you get older, your social or connections shrinked. Maybe i need a shrink. I am out of my league.

The end.

Wake me up.

Amina Figarova ‘s soul just hit me.

It was a rainy night, those type which simply would not stop for anyone or what-so-ever. It’s just stubborn.

Royal blue dress + denim jacket + Kappa shoes of mine = Karlyn of yesternight. Me and my mum and a buddy of mine went for dinner at one old place from my memories. The pizza was seriously filling.

We walked slowly and steadily to the entrance. There were water piles all overall the place. I just dislike rainy day with shoes. It just doesn’t feel right.

Melody flowed from the stage through the hall ways , flowing up from down , intro my ears , hitting on my eardrums. It was just plain relaxation. We walked through the entrance and got tagged with a neon green band. I thought it was cool , but it ended up clashing with my outfit. And i did not care at that time.

We were searching for seats. We walked through the crowd and found ourselves lucky when three person moved and clearing three seats for us. There were two other figures sitting beside those three empty chair, with a closer look , they were my best buddy’s parents. This is a small world.

We enjoyed the music from a screen and nice sound system but it just satisfy my hunger for pure music, soul and mental connection. Me and my buddy went for a walk , there was some pretty silvery jewelry on sale. Wasn’t my type. As i wore gold and platinum. We decided to search for the stage. We stood in front of the stage , that was it. Pure music, clear souls connection. The music was perfect.

We walked back and those feet were soaking wet with a little sand here and there. I sat and enjoyed the rest of the music with intervals of another DJ’s songs , which was Sista BEBE. You go SISTA! Nice taste for music.

We met up with the Miss Tourism from different country. Miss South Korea was FINE. They were very friendly and HOT. Sizzling hot, serious! After taking some picture with them using a friend’s camera, me and my bud’ went to get ourselves a CD of Amina’s . OH MY! She even signed for us with our names on it. I WAS SO HAPPY. MY FIRST SIGNED ALBUM!

My mum bought us ice-cream. Oh my, MOCHA tasted soooooooo sweeet! I like the aroma of MOCHA always. Especially expresso. I know it’s a lil too strong for me, but i love it!

When i was sorting the pictures, i came across few pictures which definitely brought back the memories. I forgot to delete them and left them as so. Maybe one day i will be able to do so. Now, i am not so sure about that. It stings and it suck!

Seriously, Jazz purify your soul.



It’s been a while since i last danced. This is my time to shine! I love dance.

Had two worst subjects pop quiz. What do you say ? SUCK. I really do hate it , made me had nausea. Luckily , i had my phone’s volume turned on high and play the song ” ROCK IT!” all day long. i was swaying my body left to the right, for and to the back, nodding my head slightly. Flowing the beat which flow through my ears. The feeling was so damned fast beat, hyper, better than any drug. Even better than hallucination. Better than whatever memories you have gave me. It is time, and i thought i was the wrong one, yet i discovered i ain’t. You were, i ain’t taking any blame after yesterday night. I am who i am , i have proved that right. Get it? I bet you do not. What to do. BAH!

Dude, you can really find BALD OWL. Oh my, shocking! SERIOUSLY, i am not bullshitting here! Here is the picture.

Guess what, maybe this picture is too small. But hell yeah, it is coolness! (:
I have recovered sooner than i have imagined i would have. Guess what i have in mind? ALCOHOL, bad bad me! Hee! *LOVES TO ALL MY READERS*

Text me if you wanna have a drink with me.