Owns the night.

Yeah, it is not a question whether you are sexy. It is a question whether do you know music.
Media got a lot of talented people famous , rich and fames.
Pros and Cons.



I will see you next Tuesday.

It’s been a while. So, how’s life everyone? Great? For me, it couldn’t be better! Living such busy life!

I went for a jog today and i saw a guy with a similar shadow as my ex-boyfriend. Which haunted me for good for a while. I am lousy at things like so. I didn’t warm up for the jog , so i guess i will be having a bloody hell muscle ache tomorrow. That sentence should come before the “saw my ex-boyfriend” line. Ah, i am brain jammed. It wouldn’t wanna spin anymore. It’s stuck!

I am heavy. HEY, it’s weight i am talking about. 50 KG?! Pleaase. It wouldn’t pass 48 KG last time. But now, oh my . I am panicking! Now, it’s time to bring out the lethal weapon of mine! Watch out for a slimmer Karlyn.

Early twenties. I guess i am still young huh? I hope so and i wish that i could always be 18. Those were the memories! I am loving them. Students, do you find me old? Or do you think find me immiscible?

I guess i have to change for the best. It’s time to shape up again! This is gonna be one tough shit!

One of my student said i am crazy, i guess i am crazy. I love myself!