It doesn’t matter.

How you looked , how you act , how you think ; it does matter how you sounded .

Music – connect souls just like that .
I dig asians with SWAG !

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Hey, it’s been a while.

Everything is according to Karlyn. Mathematics do suck. ALOT! But i am so gonna conquer it. Watch her! But do not get too near to her! She bites! HARD!

But according to him, he can’t take me off from his head.

For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic.

Sounds of your heart beating.

Again! She is back in the house with lots to spill here! Be ready! Take your medicine for your fragile heart if you think you can’t take it!


PARAMORE. Ever heard of it? I mean , them! Such great band. Totally got a crush on them! The melody , the lyrics are what i wanted since the last album of Linkin Park.

Stop the songs that are playing in my playlist of my phone! It’s all Paramore. Hooked to them ain’t a bad thing! Finally, I have found songs that really express my attitude.

Afterall, i’m a human ain’t a saint, i have my emotions and i am not good at showing out my depress via my face. Sadly , i have swallowed my depress through my throat without any complaints.

Boy, you never know what am i thinking.

Karlyn says:” Music is my soul, you can understand me through the music i’m listening to.

Down to you.

Hypnotic , hypnotic , you’re leaving me breathless.

And i thought it ‘s over, think again. It’s just the beginning of hell.

I got addicted to Twilight. All i can say about the books were fantastic! I’m gonna read them all over again, details, bits by bits! I love the plot of the story, it’s too short for such story .Wished it was longer . It was the best vampire based story i have ever read. I would get them from Shin soon! Stay tune ! Cutting through here , a breaking news. I may just fall in love with piano! Just for the sake of Twilight’s soundtrack, pieces of melodies i love are Bella’s Lullaby and River flows in you.

A-level core was over not long ago! Guess what? I’m having quiz for tomorrow! From what is expected from Karlyn’s reaction :” That sucked so bad! ” . Guess i would work hard tonight!

Updates on my plants! They are kicking and alive! Well, i love them very much! I got the pictures right here but for some reason, my phone and the brain of my desktop just can’t connect with each other. Maybe they have an argument going on! Again, you may think i’m crazy. And i proudly admit i’m!

I caught myself.

Life is good! I’m enjoying it with my style!

Nothing’s gonna beat her.

By the way, she is happy that friends visited her little blog.