A song from Jay Park’s latest album.

It has Omarion feeling to it, but definitely is Jay Park’s Style of music.

I am lost within knowledge. I have no idea why i am so slacking off these days, maybe it’s because i am not in university studying but at home for one month.

Yeah, 3 weeks of holidays are just an excuse for slacking.



You have to know your chances before you even try to bet with the future.

Life is bumpy.
You love it yet you hate it sometimes.
Love it for such lovely memories it gave you;
Hate it for such undesirable memories it gave you.
Do you like your life to be easy, medium or difficult, Sir ?
Everyone has one , unique recipe .

Soul searching.

Pu ti so ho.


Rushing home for a trip to Brunei. My aunt fetched me , went home and took my passport with me and left the house. First time in my life i have done this , it felt so wild, so exciting , somehow i lost track of those memories. Like i am alive for the moment. Maybe i should do that often,next time, the destination would be BALI. What a view in BALI which make me so excited about it.

My cousin and aunt spoke and gossiped a lot in the car. Bumpy road is what this country’s government can give to the public. Luckily , the laughter eased the dizziness off. One joke of the day :” Why is it always the same pilot controlling the aeroplane whenever i am on board? Who is this Kevin Koo?” , my cousin said so. Actually, the announcer said:” Today me and my cabin crew will serve you through the flight.” My cousin mistaken the ” cabin crew ” as ” Kevin Koo” . Oh my, that was funny! I love it!

Busybody ain’t a good habit. You probably do not know it, but it suck and you gave a bad impression to all the people around you. Therefore, my conclusion is , i dislike you. Get me?

My friend called from New Zealand back to me, finally , i have been waiting for her call for so long. I cried in Boulevard, what a shame for me. Everyone was staring, which i thanked my friend for it. Who called in the middle of my mission , which i was getting myself a new SIM card. Oh my, and i am so proud of myself. Forgive me if you think i am a crazy chick!

I want to be a nun, wanna join me?


When we collide, sparks fly. When you look in my eyes, it takes my breath away.

There are some thoughts of mine. Running wild in my imagination. Everything is. You do not know how it feels. Because they are just so crazy.

Bought a couple of night wears. I love them so much! I love summer. Okay, that is pretty random!

Bible is good, read it whenever you’re lost. You might find some sort of directional sense through it. For me, it does.

I’ve love you too much that i’ve to let you go. Should i? That is just how things go around, beginning, and the end.

Seriously, i am way too positive about the situation now, never ever been so straight forward in my whole damned life. ♥


Reading bible ain’t that bored. Seriously, i am fascinated by the bible.

There were parts that i did not understand. Well, it was parables after all. You got to try to understand it. I will get it soon or later , with the help of some of my friends.

Sneezing ain’t a good sign. I kept sneezing for a while now. I wonder. Hmm.

Just finished shopping, what a spree. Legs are tired from all those walking. And i do not think i got enough tee-shirts. I want to buy more. MORE. I am greedy!

Shoes are just temptations! (: Agree not? I am a shoes-a-holic!

Tee-shirts are cool!

Eyes on fire.

I will ease your pain.

I got lots to share but the line ain’t working for the past few days. I was totally pissed off.

I went for jogging last Saturday. I got everything done and left for the park. While i was walking to the park. I found out that the small gateway for the park was sealed. So , i went to look for a detour. While i was looking for the detour, some kids were blowing bubbles in the air. The bubbles went towards me by the help of the wind. When the bubbles passed by me, i saw the seven different colours shinning within the bubbles. It’s been a while since i last saw this phenomena, it brings back the old childhood memories. Finally, i have found it and arrived at the park , safe and sound. I never bothered to warm up before i jogged. I jogged for one and a half lap and felt that needles poking at my lower part of my tummy at the right side corner. Then i slowed down to let oxygen to ease my pain.

Maybe i have public phobia. It’s been awhile since the last time i experienced it. I hate public. I hate being alone in the crowd. I just simply hate it for now. Guess, i ‘m mentally blocked.

Went to Noorul’s birthday party although it’s 3 weeks late from the actual date. Well, all i can say is that i really cannot drive in the dark. Maybe i am night blink. Her birthday party was a blast. The presents were all fluffy! So cute in fact!

My friend , Simone has came home! We went out for breakfast and he got a hair cut at a saloon. Which he likes it very much! And i am proud of my boyfriend.

There’s no sense of time, when you’re here with me.