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It’s for real.

It’s been a while since i last post up using my laptop. So yeah , here we go.

Well, been shopping for straight two days now . Dear bank account , purse and credit cards , I am so sorry that you have spilled such amount of Queen Elizabeth. (:

Hey, what to do , they are branded. They called to me through the windows, there is no such thing as window shopping in my head. I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Bought myself a pair GAP jeans , Levi’s shirt , MNG’s shirt , Esprit’s shirt and a pair of high heel for now. And to top them off , my mum got me a LV bag. Never full is the name of the bag. I am just so in love with in now!

THANKS MUM! I will see you soon , lots of love from Karlyn to you !


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One response to “It’s for real.

  1. Esther ⋅

    Wooo!!!! How’s your esprit’s shirt look like? Pictures please. 🙂 esprit in uk more choices man! So jealous man! Hahaha.

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