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我不知道什么是尽头 , 向天空的圆月许个愿看看 , 没有意志的某一天 , 为了不后悔而前进 。

Hate me for my Chinese.

Love me for the quotes.

Throw the past ;

Live up the present;

Dream the future.

Create your own style of memories. Bring it along with you when you’re 6 feet under.


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5 responses to “Rare.

  1. Esther ⋅

    This is seriously RARE. I have no idea about the chinese words. HAHAHA. WOO. you woke up so early. RARE. Word of the day, RARE.

  2. Esther ⋅

    just now i forgot about google translator. HEHE. when i saw the chinese words, i jammed. i dont use to it when you write chinese words. HAHAHA. btw, i love the quotes after translation. ;D

  3. Esther ⋅

    YEAH. Nice one. yeah, definitely will remember very well! Live without regrets. ♥

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