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So fly.

Drop & Drip.

New leaf. Starting everything new in a new environment. What a plan. I am simply in love with the idea of it.

Different people , different backgrounds, different cultures, different pretty people to wash up or relax your mind. Such a view, i am the only Chinese within my group.


What a term, it’s been a while since i last drink. Such far term to reach within my daily life for now. I should have train my alcohol tolerance. Hope it’s still work hard.

Long length hair. I will keep it. To remind me. To recall my memory. Such memory.

For sure that i will be flying. Like what G-Dragon said,” FLYIN’ “. He is so sickening hot.

Where can i get on hold on another G-Dragon.


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5 responses to “So fly.

  1. Esther ⋅

    OH YEAH. Finally you updated your wordpress. I have been waiting this for years! 🙂 Keep it up, babe! I know you can do it.

  2. Esther ⋅

    seriously doing good?! why do you sounded so emo? I will be there for you, babe! Cheers!

  3. Esther ⋅

    serious? always high?! i dont think so. high with zombie! HAHHAHA. 😉

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