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Don’t ever look back, it don’t matter for now.

Alright, cut down with the shits and get to the point.

Time is getting shorter and i have found out the true meaning of friends. Those friends that would actually scream in the car and giggles , hardcore crazy laughing, those are friends whom are worth of the time that you spent with. You do not have to think what is going in their mind, cause’ you are somehow connected to them. To be honest , loyal and CRAZY.

Tonight was a crazy night! SCREAMING everywhere. I miss my babes so much. Wan Sing , Esther , Noorul , Lionel. Gosh. Life was good for the past two years! Love you guys so much!

I am the second edition of Katy Perry , CRAZY CHICK. We will be young forever!


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4 responses to “Ridiculous.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    Is there any love or like button? HAHAHA ! I’m lovin it !

  2. Simon ⋅

    I guess I ain’t worth the time then… XD

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