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Smooth breeze, clear sky, diamonds everywhere.

Metaphor. Well, actually i do not know how to use metaphor. Oh well, you have got to learn right? You learn you applied , but at least you have got to know why did you apply it and how does it work. Don’t just stand there and learn blindly. It is not how things are suppose to be.

Random. Speaking of which, random is fun. At least it is waaaaaay better than plucking mushroom, AGREE?!

Talents. you do not see left handed guitarist often using a custom made left handed guitar. This guy is just too cool. I have never pay any attention to this guy until today. He is one of my friend’s buddy. Talents just made him looked hot! Serious, don’t you think so?

New. I have a new white tumblr going on now. I shall post the link here. It’s more like of short words, when i do not feel like posting suich long speech. I shall post it there. Please stay tuned.

Google. It is amazing that you can get anything you want, in anywhere, anytime , provided you have a internet connection with any sorts of device. World has changed from pencil and paper to fingers and keyboard.

Learn from your mistake and you can create a better page.


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