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Where does future lies? In my hand or in the hand of God?

Man kind was created by God. And they say man create opportunities. Vast, wide range. Unexpected ways and different routes. Why can’t they just keep it simple and easy? Oh yeah, i forgot, God creates challenge on the way of opportunities. Obstacles , they called it. Which i say, makes one’s life interesting. Don’t you just think so?

When you kept on telling yourself that you’re over him, part of you just denied it hard. But when you realized that , you wouldn’t try to involve the story between you and him in your daily conversation. I guess you’re ready to move on and you would always remember him in such beautiful memories although you would said that he suck. Admit it, Karlyn. You flirted , you loved , you hurt and you got over him. It’s a process where you would experience it once or twice in your life. It’s one of the challenge that God throw upon you. Conquer it. And all hell break loose. I will be loving it!!

Work is fine. Super fine. I love my job. HAHA. Basically it’s an easy job! Thank you mum for employing me! The relationship of the employee and the employer is so complicated , ain’t i right?

Wer ist der krass schoen typ da?


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4 responses to “Heartbeat.

  1. Joan ⋅

    heheh. mom employs you huh? XD nice.

  2. Karlyn

    HAHA, weird right? (:

  3. Joan ⋅

    but NICE, nonetheless! LOL.

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