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Paper cut.

How does it feel? Not good. It doesn’t feel good. Not good AT ALL.

Jazz. I love jazz. It relax your mind and your soul. I should take up some music class.

Work. To this extend. Everything is good. I enjoyed working a lot. At least i am not wasting my time plucking mushroom. That is one serious case of committing suicide slowly. I need some serious flats. Heels are killing me.

Stomach. I have not take good care of it since i worked. I should really look after it since it does not feel so well these few days.

Promises. I will drop whatever bad habit i have and be a another good Karlyn.

I believe in nothing, not the Earth, not the stars, not the day, not the dark.


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6 responses to “Paper cut.

  1. Ai ⋅

    Where are you working at? O:
    You look really cute in your new profile picture. Loved it! Cx
    Please take good care of yourself and your health! 😦
    I’ve just ended my first semestre. No more exams, yay! I’ll have two weeks and half to rest a little (yet I still have to attend japanese classes during the afternoon, jeez…)
    I felt really stressed last week, and still have lots to do til the next semestre starts… 😦 But we should do our best anyways! (:
    It’s okay if you don’t believe in any of those… But it’d be really cool of you at least believed in yourself or in future 😀
    Take care~ ❤

    • Karlyn

      Ahh, i am my mum’s personal assistant in a college now. (: AWWW, thank you Ai-chan! YEah, i am trying to take good care of my stomach! (: No worries kies? Ahhh, holiday huh? I am actually having at keast 6 months holiday, that s why i found a job and i attended german class. WOW japanese class sounded fun! I wanted to learn more, my mum doesnt really like japanese tho. WOOO you have lots to do even you’re having holiday?That is sad! HAHA, that was how i felt. When everything is screwed up , (: I will definitely blieve in myself that i can do anything i want! I have faith in you and me! (:
      Hope to hear from you soon, ai-chan!
      Take care , ❤

  2. Singgggg ⋅

    Karlyn <333
    take care~~~~~

  3. Joan ⋅

    peptic ulcer! D:< go for check-up youu

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