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What if i speak in the tongue of an angel’s

I felt that i am losing myself , lost , without a glimpse of light guiding me. Staring at the ceiling for nights making me realized that i have not achieve anything big yet in my life. I should have planned well for the future. I will start now.

I like the feeling of staring into the space and think. It’s romantic and cute. Somehow , it can be very painful when unnecessary memories were brought back alive again. Playing again and again at the back of my head. It suck big time, but this is how thing works. It repeats until a point where you wake up one day and feel relieved. And then , it will stop.

Before that , i was not sober enough to continue this post , so i delayed it for days. Now, i am sober enough, i come to realize that i have to stop or cut down on alcohol consumption. Maybe i am back on track or maybe not. Only God knows.

Well, sitting on the floor while finishing this post is fun. Okay , that was sarcasm. You guys get it right. I am bored, whenever i said that , my mum would just glared and rolled her eyes up. Total ignorance. Well, i should find myself something to do, be useful .

I have been reading Bible all these times. It’s soothing in some way , relax my mind and entertain my questions. But seriously , i am a man of my own mind, i am not a man of much God. I will try to gain my faith on it in the future. For now, i am just a beginner.

Love is true , love is kind , love is patience.


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