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What you said will come back one day and slap you back in your face.

As usual, i always woke up late from the time expected. This time , i forgot to switch off my silent mode. And that, my friend , made one of my buddy called me twice in order to slap me out of the bed. My bad , i apologize.

Got ready and went out for a hair cut. I wanted to look like a Korean, with the hair blew dry inwards at the edge. But yeah , somehow i ended up with my style of hairstyle.That’s cool anyway.Okay, i didn’t know it would cost me 10 bucks. Maybe she knew i finished school and no more student price for the adulthood Karlyn. That suck. HUHU. Do i look like an adult?

I brought two pairs of shoes and i was wearing a pair of heels. I asked my buddy which should i wear. I think i am just waaaaay too crazy. I ended up with a scandals and a ballet shoes in her car. Okay, the next thing was , we were outside of the door way of Singgggg’s house. She said she wanted a hair cut on the way to for lunch. Okay , i brought her to my personal hairstylist. And the guy treated her hair like precious. Maybe because i was staring, and Singgggg has this problem of people touching her eyebrows and neck, she was having this tinkling and kept on moving on the chair. And i knew what is going on. Am i clever? After the hair cut, Singgggg was happy with the hair cut, luckily she was , if not she will be screaming at the poor guy.

Let’s move on to the lunch date. We had our lunch at a restaurant near a beach or an ocean. We ordered too much food, and this time, i was surprised by Singgggg, she can gulped down two slices of pizza. She improved her tummy’s capacity, she told me she tied her tummy up during the trip in Korea. Okay, seriously i do not like cold food.

After a heavy lunch , which i thought on the spot would last me for my breakfast , lunch and dinner. And it was true. We went for a walk on the ground. Nice view of the yachts and the ocean. Eventually, we started to take pictures with rocks. And Singgggg complaint that she doesn’t know how to pose with rocks. Her first time and mine too. The pictures turned out to be nice , for some that is . Others were bad. Overall was good. By the potential photographer Highzombie. Thanks for taking those pictures under such weather.

We went home at around 3 i supposed. I couldn’t really keep track on time, i do not know what is the date today. Maybe this holiday thing has messed up my mind. But i am loving it. HAHA. I know. I am crazy. So, any plans to suggest for me to kill off my time? Please drop it down. I could really need some help here.

Do not be a hypocrite.


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4 responses to “Contrast.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    WOO. What a long post! HAHA, i like this post. 😉 NO PROBLEM, owl! I hope more updates from you! ROCK ON, BABE! 😀

  2. Singgggg ⋅

    wow so much of me :O u miss me dont u? XD

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