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Goodbye, my love.


I was looking forward for this. It’s been a while since i last walked so confidently in public. Maybe it was the heels but i was assured that it was something else.

Okay, it started with this. I was on time in the morning waiting for my buddy. Okay, this was the first time she was late. But yeah, safety is the main priority , don’t you agree? I have finally met up with the legendary Joan. She was fun , and speechless because of my actions and words. AHA! There is more than meets the eye, girl! We went for early lunch at Secret Recipe, it suck big time. Seriously, come on , serve the costumers with hot and sizzling food please. FYI, Karlyn hates cold food.

After that , we went for a movie, ” A Team ” was the title. I ate half way through my LARGE size popcorn when the movie is not even half way through. The conclusion is the movie rocks! I love the personality of Murdock. And sadly i yawned a few times, i feel bad for the directors now. HAHA, What to do, i am not a movie-person alright. Geez. Don’t be so pushy alright.

Now, it’s time for the comment on the quality of the clothes i ordered. There were two dresses. The one i wore , the quality was 20bucks worth for , but the sleeves are totally out of shape. I was forced to alter it by hands which was pretty tough without using sewing machine , that i was pro with it, OH YEAH! Self-praising huh? That was pretty much it for mine. The other one was for one of my buddy. The dress was okay, luckily it was, if not i would make a big fuss out of it on the net and humiliate the admin.

And yeah, i like the tee-shirt that my buddy handed me. It’s a sweet tee shirt. I will show you guys soon. I am schedule with a meeting this Saturday at Starbucks with some old friends of mine. I miss them, but some of them are just plain vulgar spree users. I miss those. HAHAHA! I am awe by those vulgarism. Crazy ain’t i?

I am freed. Again, Good night earthlings.


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2 responses to “Goodbye, my love.

  1. Joan ⋅

    you crazeh thang. HAHAHA

  2. Karlyn

    HAHAHA. Don’t you just love it?

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