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Why not pause and listen to your mind for just a sec?

What do you really want?

This is the question that has been haunting me for days, months.

After my finals, i will sit back and think.

I will make sure everything is back to its original position like it is.

You are merely memories to me now.


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15 responses to “Interlude.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    MOVE ON, BABE! 🙂 Remember this. “There is no past in the future”. I ll always support you. 🙂

  2. Karlyn

    HAHAHA! Yeah, i will definitely remember this. I drowned in it. So i gotta swim out of it!

  3. Esther Chang ⋅

    Alright. GO GIRL. If you have any problems, I’ll always lend you my ears. 🙂

  4. Karlyn

    HAHAHA. I need an accompany for a drink , not ears, babe! (:

  5. Esther Chang ⋅

    WTH. drink? i’ll try to be. HAHHAA

  6. Karlyn

    HAHAHA. After finals? DEAL? I am such a bad OWL. BALD ONE too!

  7. Esther Chang ⋅

    ON. ask 1sing to come along too. HAHAHA. HIGH FIVE. bad zombie here. 😛

  8. Karlyn

    HAHAHA, Don’t know whether her mum will kill me or not for that. She wants to come along but permission granted or not is another problem.

  9. Ee Xin

    ME, ME, ME! Ok wth, I wasn’t “eavesdropping” *halo above head

    HAHA, I want to but I can’t. SUCKSSS. Oh well. 🙂

    Curious, when are your finals over?

  10. Karlyn

    HAHA. Seriously, can you join me? I asked you once, but you can’t. 😦
    June the ninth, i will be finishing. Are you nervous for your A s? (: I am bad. XD

  11. Simon ⋅

    I believe that if you really need an answer, you should think with a clear mind, not a tipsy or a drunk one or you might make the wrong decision

  12. Karlyn

    Simone. (: It s good to hear from you. I haven’t got drunk for months now. So, i ll take your advice to think clear. Thanks buddy!

  13. Joan ⋅

    update! update! XD

  14. Ee Xin

    Hahahah I can’t 😦 BLEAH @ PARENTS. There’s a reason why I wanted to leave Miri when I finished Form 5 but noooo, my parents think I am incapable of taking care of myself and look where am I now HAHA. Ok, needa stop whining. 🙂 I am…so screwed for AS. 😦 I hate maths, I don’t get it. I can’t do it, Idk why. Can I drop Maths wtf. Chem…reeks too. And Bio. OK, I honestly regret doing A-lvl in Science 😦 ITS NOT MY THING.

  15. Karlyn

    Yeah, i guessed so. Since you’re the youngest and so that’s why your parents are so strict on you. Well, either you can finish it or you can drop it. But why you waste money and you’re already half way thru. Just do your best. (: yeah maths can be a lil bitchy , but it’s the easiest level , if you plan to go further like overseas for uni. Then you have to get a min or max result to enter an uni , overseas that is. If not, you will be stuck in miri. I do not like miri , that s why i worked hard to get my ass out from msia. (: But have you thought about what courses suit you the best? That is the real question to all of your side track problems, babe. (: Maybe i am giving or yapping too much advices. Just ignore it if you feel irritated. But you can text me or drop by my blog. i will either treat you a drink to cheer you up or a beer to high you up (: sounds good?

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