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Knock you out.

Somebody to blame it on.

What a busy day. As in damn busy. Was out for the whole day. And i didn’t get enough sleep last night. So, guys, i will be sleeping early tonight. Okay, some of you guys out there will probably say i am bullshitting. Yeahl, i think so too, myself.

Went for facial, trimmed my hair , brought one singlet. Oh man. I am such a blondy. HAHA. Weird huh? TOTALLY. Okay. That is gonna freak me OUT!

I missed the chance to club again since i have my facial. That is pretty much spoil my day. HU HU. I will make it up to myself after my finals. Oh yeah. She will be back!

Me being alive is the best thing have ever happened to me. Agree on that fact? If you do, do comment in please. AHA!


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4 responses to “Knock you out.

  1. 1Sing ⋅

    ehh, one or two singlet oh? ~.^? hahax jia u~

  2. Simon ⋅

    Lol… Never heard a blond joke that is related to facial, trimming of the hair and singlets… Though I do not really have a broad knowledge of the blond jokes… XD

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