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Hearing damage.

It’s the aching of the heart which makes you realize that you still live.

Awhile before , i can feel it frequently. But lately, it disappeared. And now, it made its return with bursting pain. It’s a feeling which you will definitely dislike.

Ironical smell. Put a step through the door, the smell came rushing into my brain, choking me from within. It’s a dilemma. I know, hush Karlyn.

I fell in love with piano. I have no idea or what-so-ever. RANDOM.

Everything seems to have settle down. Life is at peace right now except for unexpected load of homework. Sincerely, i hope this can last until i get bored with it. I need some time alone which i can think properly in a proper way. It rhymes, i know.

Meadow is what i want to see right now. You get the picture?


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