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All night long.

Is it that difficult?

I never can write philosophical stuff. Okay. I know. So, just shush!

I will be sitting here and type all the crap out for tonight. And yeah, you will probably think that i am wasting my life. Well, it is one way to release what-so-ever you think is stressing you from within. Why not just release it out here, no harm anyway.

For now, my mind can not think straight without the proper song. My mind is being influenced by music. What a pathetic fact. Well, now i got the song going on. Let’s see what should i express tonight.

Mock just ended. And yeah, A level part two is coming up. Bucker up your safety belts and have a fun ride of mixing all subjects in your little capacity brains. Oh man, that just suck so bad ain’t it.

My brain juice is all sucked up. I need some refills. Any suggestion on how to refill them back?

The weather is getting warmer everyday from now on to the future. The temperature is rising non-stop. I wondered what will happen if the sea level rises to 6 meters high from the normal sea level. To imagine it , maybe i will not be able to see it anyway.

I feel sleepy now. Okay, that is weird. Guess my mind ain’t that active for tonight. Maybe tomorrow night it will be. I shall see you guys tomorrow then! Have a wonderful weekend for you guys out there.

Yes, it is difficult.


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