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Out of tune.

Pitch black, bumble bee-ly busy, sugary rush, everything seem to spin.

Seriously, i needa have some serious fun. Life is slipping down the edge. (:

I found myself a new hobby. READING TUTORIALS. I am crazy. I know.

Take a picture for me. Every picture has it’s own meaning within. Sometimes, you would be surprised by the content it holds within. Some says pictures lie, some says pictures reveal everything which you are hiding. For me, it reveals your soul and pieces of your mind.

It is indeed fascinating, to see one’s world through pictures, i will try to express my feelings through it. This is what i call art.

Beer tasted good , i went super duper HIGH. I love that feeling of rush. SPINNING. To escape from the reality for just split seconds. No harm done if you escape from reality for just few seconds, to experience ecstasy.

Genre does not really judge a person ‘s taste for music. One of my friend said that my words doesn’t really make sense. I agreed with him. I typed what i want but i don’t even know what the hell i wanna express. I AM NUTS. I guess pretty much everyone knows about it.

I wondered what went wrong.


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6 responses to “Out of tune.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    HEY! I googled the drunk owl picture just like you. HAHAHAHA when you’re free, google it! HAHAHA. 😛 seriously owl really likes PARTY. HOHO

  2. 1Sing ⋅

    post Moo Moo with the toilet paper! =P

  3. Karlyn

    HAHAH! I will definitely post that soon after i have your permission to put MOO MOO ‘s picture here! (:

  4. 1Sing ⋅

    u got it =)

  5. Karlyn

    WOOO! (: i will look for a suitable title for it then! LOVE U (:

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