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HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK. EXAM EXAM EXAM. All i can think of now, words can’t express my feelings towards those bald words. I simply just LOVE ’em. Who doesn’t , right?

My quote and i always say this whenever there is an examination coming up. ” Put a bullet through those papers. “. Eventually , i will hell yeah put one through ’em! WATCH ME. (:

I will be heading for a dinner tonight. I will take some pretty pictures and post it up here, if i am free from those torturing homeworks.

SUGARY. I love it. It makes my body regenerate alot of adenosine triphosphate. OPS. Chemistry plus Biology ain’t right for a place like this. It’s energy in short. I know some of you guys out there would really wanna smack me in the back. WOOOOO. I CAN READ YOUR MIND. (:

Beer or not beer, that is such a wisdom.


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