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Meant to be so.

Everything swirled.

I have done what i have thought it was right. I have always been so, is this the first day you have know me? I doubted your answer. I have no rights to response yet i am who i am. Accept it and get on with it. Like i said, no point.

Tomorrow , mathematics quiz. I would definitely die. Headache is the first thing.

This is the new Karlyn. HI! (:

Gastric is what i will have.


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2 responses to “Meant to be so.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    WOO. NICE picture of you. Poor you. headache again? Take good care of yourself. Good to hear that you didn’t have gastric last night. No worries. I already dead after having math quiz. +.+ HAHA

  2. Karlyn

    Thank you for commenting on my picture, Girl! 🙂 HAHA, i was shocked , and i thought i would have it bad. (: CHEERS TO SINGLE DIGITS MATHS!

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