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I’m out of my head.

One thing for sure. I love Mechanic Mathematics. That is if i want to pass my A2 level. I HAVE TO or MUST love it. Okay, that is one form of invincible abuse. OUCH.

Biology lecturer once again, really LECTURED us this time. Luckily Esther wasn’t beside me. AHA! if not her ears would have been raped. OPS! She was right about our results. And seriously i am lagged behind syllabus. I will pick it up right away from now. Since there is no more distraction in my pathway and i swear so here that i would not repeat the history i have left in my high school year. This is my aim and i shall do it. Score FOUR ACES straight down my A2 Level. I will show everyone that although i looked very shag about my results and even my studies; i can still prove them WRONG by results. They will eventually shut the hell up. I love myself for that . My mom always said so :” Self-praise is self-disgrace.” Ops.

Sincerely hope that my Ai-chan is doing okay in Chile! I will pray! Reply me as soon as possible.

Heart problems. Please mend it for me. 🙂

Left turn, Right turn. I just can’t control my sense of direction.


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2 responses to “Right.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    YEASEH! I know you can do it. 😉 WOO. “if not her ears would have been raped”. this sounds so crazy. ROCK ON! HAHAHA.

  2. Karlyn

    HAHA! CRAZY is the word to describe it tho. But it is the truth what. haha! thank you for supporting me! ❤

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