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Hello, can you hear me?

Now put your hands in the air, for a century.

This is the last day of February and last day of Chinese New Year; beginning of my new life and the start of studies hell. Trust me, everything start from here and ends at July. I will be enjoying the torturing and pain of headaches. I am definitely crazy about studies now. Mechanic Mathematics here i come.

This is the first year i gambled that much and actually gained some back. Papers predicted this will be the best year for the zodiac, Horse. Well, believe it or not.

I have changed my WordPress to another new look, i like it very much though. Looks fresh and easy to read. I will be sleeping early lately, doctor and beautician suggested so. Worst thing is , they both agree on ” Say “NO” to Alcohol” which pretty much suck so badly. 😦

But with that moon in the sky, who wants to be alone.


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8 responses to “Hello, can you hear me?

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    WOOO. Nice layout. black and white. Lately owl didn’t catch mice anymore. HAHA. Plus you’re so excited about mechanic math. dont be sad. it’s for your own good. soon you can drink them. owl, seriously? first year you gambled? congrats to you. HOHO.

  2. Karlyn

    HAHA, Thank you so much ZOMBIE. 🙂 Yeah, i can’t catch mice anymore. Of course, i am excited. I am HIGH about it. HAHA! I wanna drink so badly. I am alcoholic now. Yeah, it been years since i last gambled. Woo. that sound pretty sarcastic XD By the way, meth maths book smell bad. =X

  3. Esther Chang ⋅

    No problem! 🙂 you try to pretend that you were drinking alcohol when drinking plain water. maybe it help you. no offence. HAHA. spray some perfume on your meth maths book then.

  4. Karlyn

    hahahaha. i will spray my GRASS on them! (: woo! nice idea. hahaha Crazy us. Alcohol definitely taste better than plain water. SOB.

  5. Esther Chang ⋅

    remember the word ‘abstinence’ ! dont sob anymore. cheers!

  6. Karlyn

    WOO. nice word but i kinda forgot the meaning of that word. Mind explaining again?(:

  7. Esther Chang ⋅

    HAHA. abstinence = self control. 😀

  8. Karlyn

    hahah! Thanks for explaining it again. I will BEAR that in my mind. 🙂

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