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You got the wrong blame on the wrong person, dude.

Why don’t you accept for what you have done and get over with it. There’s no point in arguing anymore. I will leave this place soon enough for that.

Warm weather, packed time, nice facial, nice food. I love my day until i know what have i done. Seriously,i have caused trouble for people and i am very sorry about it. But what to do , what is done is done. There’s no turning back , so i will say i am proud of myself for admitting my mistake.

Stars in the sky, please shine , walk me through whatever i am facing.


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4 responses to “Confrontation.

  1. john ⋅

    i am very proud of you too:) but don’t ket sadness leads you to do wrong things k? hugzz! ❤

  2. Karlyn

    haha! (: how s my new layout? Nice? It is working for your iphone?

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