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It’s been a while since i last danced. This is my time to shine! I love dance.

Had two worst subjects pop quiz. What do you say ? SUCK. I really do hate it , made me had nausea. Luckily , i had my phone’s volume turned on high and play the song ” ROCK IT!” all day long. i was swaying my body left to the right, for and to the back, nodding my head slightly. Flowing the beat which flow through my ears. The feeling was so damned fast beat, hyper, better than any drug. Even better than hallucination. Better than whatever memories you have gave me. It is time, and i thought i was the wrong one, yet i discovered i ain’t. You were, i ain’t taking any blame after yesterday night. I am who i am , i have proved that right. Get it? I bet you do not. What to do. BAH!

Dude, you can really find BALD OWL. Oh my, shocking! SERIOUSLY, i am not bullshitting here! Here is the picture.

Guess what, maybe this picture is too small. But hell yeah, it is coolness! (:
I have recovered sooner than i have imagined i would have. Guess what i have in mind? ALCOHOL, bad bad me! Hee! *LOVES TO ALL MY READERS*

Text me if you wanna have a drink with me.


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5 responses to “ROCK IT!

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    HOHO. the bald owl’s picture is so funny. AHHAHAAHHA.
    bad bad bald owl. you should drink more herbal drinks. NOT ALCOHOL..

  2. 1Sing ⋅

    i wanna drink but i think i’d get in trouble =x

  3. Karlyn

    Woo. hahaha! Yeah, should cut down on drinks. Hey, 1Sing. And i thought you would not visit! Surprise! haha! yeah, seriously, drinking ain’t your style!

  4. 1Sing ⋅

    Yeah surprise!!! xD

  5. Karlyn

    woo. you replied fast . girl!(:

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