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Pu ti so ho.


Rushing home for a trip to Brunei. My aunt fetched me , went home and took my passport with me and left the house. First time in my life i have done this , it felt so wild, so exciting , somehow i lost track of those memories. Like i am alive for the moment. Maybe i should do that often,next time, the destination would be BALI. What a view in BALI which make me so excited about it.

My cousin and aunt spoke and gossiped a lot in the car. Bumpy road is what this country’s government can give to the public. Luckily , the laughter eased the dizziness off. One joke of the day :” Why is it always the same pilot controlling the aeroplane whenever i am on board? Who is this Kevin Koo?” , my cousin said so. Actually, the announcer said:” Today me and my cabin crew will serve you through the flight.” My cousin mistaken the ” cabin crew ” as ” Kevin Koo” . Oh my, that was funny! I love it!

Busybody ain’t a good habit. You probably do not know it, but it suck and you gave a bad impression to all the people around you. Therefore, my conclusion is , i dislike you. Get me?

My friend called from New Zealand back to me, finally , i have been waiting for her call for so long. I cried in Boulevard, what a shame for me. Everyone was staring, which i thanked my friend for it. Who called in the middle of my mission , which i was getting myself a new SIM card. Oh my, and i am so proud of myself. Forgive me if you think i am a crazy chick!

I want to be a nun, wanna join me?


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11 responses to “Pu ti so ho.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    hey owl.. it’s zombie again.. hahaha.. when i saw this post name, i was laughing out loud.. πŸ˜› that joke was funny which makes me laugh..
    I am proud of you too! Cheers!

  2. Karlyn

    Thank you SO MUCH! i appreciated everything you have written! Oh my, i miss pu ti so ho! (:

  3. Esther Chang ⋅

    No probs, owl! pu ti so ho again? HAHA

  4. Karlyn

    HAHA! i am listening to it NOW. Want some? i can send you!

  5. Esther Chang ⋅

    sure.. HAHA.. yeah wanna join you too.. pu ti so hoho.. LOL

  6. Karlyn

    hahaha! it is pu ti so ho, not hoho! (: yeah, no bald , i will that note of that zombie! What is an owl bald? What do you think about it?

  7. Esther Chang ⋅

    yeah i know it’s pu ti so ho.. i purposely put hoho at the back.. hoho.. oh no, owl in bald HAHAHA.. crazy πŸ˜›

  8. Karlyn

    HAHAHA! Definitely crazy! I would wanna see it! Next time i will post it!

  9. Esther Chang ⋅

    HOHO! i’m looking forward for the new post.. πŸ™‚

  10. John ⋅

    stay happy and pretty:)

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