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Shut up.

What to do ? I will say : ” Just suck it up! ”

Since one of my best friend left hometown, i swear that i would be freaked strong in front of her. Otherwise, i am freaked weak in front of no one. Swam passed friends, some are familiar , some shared some big secrets , some back stabbed before, some gossiped before , some just ain’t there when i need them.

Wide connection, wide ranged friends, narrow friendships. Some things are just bullshits. I understand, we do that often. But don’t you dare gimme your promises and left them hanging in the mid air. That suck and that hurt. But these are unavoidable , i get it, really, perfectly. (:

Karma is what i deserve, i accept that fact. SO, just send whatever you think you got best to torture me please but not this. Seriously, i can’t stand it no more.

Show me the meaning of us.


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4 responses to “Shut up.

  1. John ⋅

    hey.. are you okay not? hmmm.. although we are far apart from each other and i can’t be there for you but i can still be here n online for ya:) think this is the best that i can do for you for now ba.. and one thing for sure that i won’t give u empty promises and make this hang it over there alright:) must stay strong and stand tall! GO GO JIA YOU!
    rem that i’m always here=]

  2. Karlyn

    Thank you so much for the concern! (: seriously, i will take good care of myself! Hope you will too, and keep visiting my wordpress! (: Thanks in a million for being there ! I will stay strong! FIGHTING!

  3. John ⋅

    yea i will=] don’t make me be too worry alright:)<3
    If can i wish i can fight with you. ALL THE WAY!<3<3<3

  4. Karlyn

    haha! you can, mentally! (: Thanks for your concern!

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