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Please don’t.

I don’t really know how to deal with this situation. Seriously, i have came across few times, but never this. So new, yet so frightening. I guess i have to deal with it by using my own method, escaping from it. Enduring the pain, enduring the memories. Every little single pieces of those memories and thoughts are screaming so loud in my head and i wish to shut them off!

Why the heck am i so confident in that this will end badly? Maybe i am just so damn insecure and i swear this is a bad habit of mine. What to do , this is who i am , i don’t really want to change myself anymore. I have got so much time in my hand before everything ends badly. I have gotta think carefully.

I tried to call one of my sister, maybe i have never looked for her in this situation, she knows no shit about what happened and she just thinks i am a bad girlfriend. Maybe i am , or the matter of fact that is i am a bad one. Who knows. If you are judging by my words and you think i am so damn negative. Well, trust me , this is way too positive to think so.

I will just solve this using MY WAY.


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6 responses to “Guitars.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    how are you? what happened? o.o by the way, just be who you are.. 🙂

  2. John ⋅

    if you don’t mind u can call me up too=] i gt a pair of listening ears over here.. my ears just like to listen to peoples problems and make me think how to solves it! haha.. i’m quite lame huhz… hmmmm.. hope things will go smooth for ya. will pray for you de=] tc

    • Karlyn

      Thank you so much , John! (: it is good to know that someone still cares , actually cares bout me. (: Well, hope you’re doing well, over there, and i will stay strong over here. (:

  3. Karlyn

    Well , well, i am okay. No worries, dear friends! It is solved. Love you all for being so concerned!

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