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When we collide, sparks fly. When you look in my eyes, it takes my breath away.

There are some thoughts of mine. Running wild in my imagination. Everything is. You do not know how it feels. Because they are just so crazy.

Bought a couple of night wears. I love them so much! I love summer. Okay, that is pretty random!

Bible is good, read it whenever you’re lost. You might find some sort of directional sense through it. For me, it does.

I’ve love you too much that i’ve to let you go. Should i? That is just how things go around, beginning, and the end.

Seriously, i am way too positive about the situation now, never ever been so straight forward in my whole damned life. ♥


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2 responses to “Naturally.

  1. john ⋅

    hey:) how was ur v’day n CNY over there? hope u are enjoying over there;) haha was waiting for ya new update everyday but you dint. hmmm so are you feeling alright? sense smth wrg is happening for you over there. hope that you are good! anw not just when u face problems then read bible de. by right it shld be a everyday thingy:) ha i am trying hard to read it everyday too. needs a lot of discipline loh! haha. anw have you visited my fb already? the pics u wanted to see are all there:) take care n rem i’m always here for you ❤
    from: jOhN

    • Karlyn

      Hey, yeah. Don’t worry , everything is fine. Haha, believe me i tried to update everyday. But it is kinda hard , like what i have said with the bible! Haha! i will try my best! You too take care alright!

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