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Yah hachoo spaht.

Actually i do not know whether my title gives the idea of : I’m fucking tired. Ops!

Again , vulgarity. I wanna spill everything bad out, seriously, OUT. It’s like , killing me within. To see those marks on my quiz papers. It a slap in the face with full force and it hurts more not because the lecturer did not hurt you in a physical way but mentally. Oh gosh! Just kill me will you? Or i will better hang myself at the door knob.

There’s one thing i want to point it out, i hate quiz and i am tired of it. Furthermore it is on Complex number. Just gimme a break wouldn’t you?

Like i said, i’m always tired. What a lousy Owl. Laugh as loud as you can. It’s funny actually. I find it quite hilarious!


I am definitely gonna kill you , shred you into pieces, i swear so here. I am gonna bite your head off if you have one. Bahhhhh!

30 minutes to whisper your name.


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6 responses to “Yah hachoo spaht.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    crazy owl! owl become vampire soon.. try to bite people.. luckily owl dont bite zombie! HOHO

  2. Karlyn

    Such a bad zombie. I’m trying to bite the head of MATHEMATICS. It suck pretty bad! Doesn’t even taste good!

  3. Esther Chang ⋅

    MUAHAHAHA.. MATHEMATICS doesnt taste good at all.. owl is trying to bite mathematics now.. PRO.. not catch mice?

  4. Karlyn

    WOW! This owl is weird, since it sleeps at night and catch MATHS in the morning. (: so, it’s abnormal!

  5. john ⋅

    i have faith in you that you can do it better the next time:) Go Go jia you!

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