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Hooked up.

I try to keep on believing, dreaming on.

Mood swing is the word. Hardly can be explained. No reason or whatsoever.

It might sound very ridiculous but you might want to accept the fact that your mood swing is caused by your brain itself. It sounded like i am having a flaw in my argument. Well, i just want to keep myself shut for awhile. Contented.

Maybe the term “Emo” is what i am now? Or for my case, i called it peace.

I tried to flash everything down my throat. Do not ask what is it. You do not want to know what is it, it is gruesome!

T.A.T.U’s songs are definitely influential. They messed up your mood and everything. The worst is , headache came along after that.

Bah! i wish to scream. Closer to the edge , on the edge of breaking down.

I will be fine after a sleep. Karlyn’s remedy!


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6 responses to “Hooked up.

  1. Simone... XD ⋅

    O…K… Sorry to hear that you’re going through… Whatever it is… Well, one thing for sure, if you truly wanna scream, wait until you’re alone in the house, then go to your room, then scream as loudly as you can into a pillow, might get some off your chest.

  2. Simone... XD ⋅

    And you might wanna stop listening to that Tatu song, sounds like it is not so… “Healthy”… Lol…

  3. Karlyn

    Ah, Simone! (: you’re back. Oh my , i have been waiting for some biblical verses! Hit me with some! yeah , definitely a good choice! but you should try to listen to it first (:

  4. Esther Chang ⋅

    WOO! this post is so EMO-ish… Luckily CRAZY Karlyn is back! HAHA.. Cheers!

  5. john ⋅

    hey:) are you feeling better already? life’s is like that de, got up and down so just treat every problems or troubles that you got to face as a lesson and learn from there and improve it and don’t commit the same mistakes again. so that you will grow more mature of dealing with problems or troubles:)rem this in your heart k? ❤ lastly, don't forget i am always here for you:) ha! take care n god bless

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