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Girls’ night out.

Rare , and freaking rare.

Totally blanked out for a second there when i saw the candles. Crazy is the word , touched is the feeling , overwhelming is the conclusion. Even my boyfriend outsmarted me.

Again, celebration rocks. It went back to the time when we had our first celebration on Cathy’s. It was afternoon and crazy! I even have a video on it , still stored in my phone. Gosh! It was the most funniest time ever! Not gonna delete it until i change my phone again! So fresh , so sweet! Memories!

Can’t really finish the food, but i managed to feed a pregnant cat! And i asked the cat whether she wants to follow me home, the cat replied me with a sound of :” Miaaaaaw.” Jin somehow knows the language of the cat and translated it into ” Gan!” It is kinda rude in language of Taiwanese. Well, it was funny though! We enjoyed and went home respectively! Jin’s car parked too near to another car. Three of us has to be the guidances for traffic. When she finally got the car out from the parking lot, we ran towards the car , Esther said :” Which side? “. We sounded like robbers that just robbed a bank! Running away from the scene in a vehicle! On the way to Esther’s place, Jin asked for direction, Esther and Ching were directing the direction for Jin. Both of them :” Follow the wira! “, just after a turn in the corner , Esther suddenly added : ” GO GO GO! ” . The was this pure silence going on in the car, the moment lasted for 2 seconds. All the sudden , everyone is the car burst into laughter! Seriously! Esther is crazy and funny! She arrived safely , the next one was Ching. On the way home, we laughed and had some serious joke in the car! When she almost arrive , Ching’s brother’s car moved in the front porch, we got nervous and Ching asked Jin to flash to her brother. Jin drove fast and a sudden bent, we were shocked! I kept on yelling at the window beside Wan Sing , piercing through the window was the window of Ching’s brother’s car. I was hoping it would rolled down and eventually it did! And Wan Sing thought i was talking to here and rolled down the window, Jin yelled :” NO!” and laugher of ours rang in the atmosphere. The second last was me on the list, when i arrived , Jin shifted the gear directly to reverse gear, hintig that i might as well get off faster! Laughter burst again! Lovely night! Definitely.

I called everyone on the list and thank them for the night! I will get it back to you guys soon! I PROMISE!

And the world around us wont stop turning tonight, I’m losing control right now and I feel its right,were caught in this moment and I wont let you go. Two words, I Like.


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