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Chain reaction.

Try to explain this reaction.

Once you tried, you would want more and MORE. Trust me , it is addictive and it is fabulous SWEET.

There’s no normal word which can perfectly describe it.

While cleaning my so-called vehicle. The water rolled down the little hill of my front porch down the flat land. The water started to accumulate , few birds stop in the pool of water and started to clean themselves up. That was a fascinating view, indeed Mother Nature is powerful for creating such creatures and designed everything in a perfect balance. I can feel the beauty of it.

At the end , I tried to balance myself out of a lot of things. I tried so hard , eventually i lost the balance of it. Tell me , whether did i do it right and choose it right? Maybe i am a busybody for helping too much. Do you even appreciate? Maybe my emotion is on the edge of bursting. Unbearable emotions. Well, now i am hyper for letting those words out. Okay, i admit i am weird. Abnormal. Crazy. Nuts. Whatever.

This is me. Accept the fact or face away from my face.


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5 responses to “Chain reaction.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    No worries. Just rock on and do your thing! 😀

  2. Simone... XD ⋅

    Well… Just be yourself and you will be fine, but do not strain too much, don’t want you to snap so early in life, lol

  3. Karlyn

    Hah! (: Nice one guys! Appreciate it bunch! I would not snap early as life is too short to enjoy. HAHA! Bully Simone is the first thing , joking around with Esther is the another V.I thing to do!

  4. Simone... XD ⋅

    D’oh… XD

  5. Karlyn

    D’oh?(: it is kinda bombastic?

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