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The way i see it.

Kiss me , kiss me , say that you miss me.

It’s not my style to say so , but the lyrics are catchy! And she loves it! Social, studies, love life and a bunch more. I have been busy lately with everything. So, maybe this is what we called life. Colorful yet fascinating! Bittersweet ! Which i think it is the perfect word to describe it! My life that is.

Uprising of a young star , Justin Bieber , a 15 years old teenager which has all the talent that makes the world envy.

You got used to the way i am , how i reacted and how i wanted things to be. Is that a good sign or it is just a sign that i have been neglecting you and it is a karma thing going on?

There is a reason for what have i written, “Balance” is the word i want now.


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