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I have you in my little pathetic mind.

First day of school and the lecturers were holding AK47 and started shooting at us. Especially the front line was the most dangerous place to stay in. You get what i mean right? I am sweating all over the place because of that , afraid that in such randomness the lecturers would just kill me by one single glance.

Karlyn changed for the better since she was so naughty in the past , she has decided to redeem such attitude by being a good girl in the class but after that , she rocks the rules which are applied on her , like she does not give a damn for those damned rules.

This is the last semester that i would be studying in this college. Part of me was kinda excited but now i am thinking of another situation which would really hurt me. That is the lecturers here are way awesome than i thought they would be , of course i mean some and particular some! There is always a black sheep around the corner.

My dear friend’s grandma has just passed away not long ago. Shockingly, one of my another dear friend’s grandfather has just passed away so. Ee Xin , Simone. Here , i bid my condolence to you and your families. Time would heal all grief.

She has not found any particular journal or diary which she wanted so badly.

Grief does not hurt much than numbness which are indefinite. At least you felt it for the first and you do not for the second.


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3 responses to “Outlook.

  1. Simone... XD ⋅

    Ok… Starting of this already have guns and the danger zone… Guess you DO know something about the front lines of battle… XD
    Aww well… Just put some vests on and hope that the bullets do not have steel tips then you will be fine, if you get my drift… XD
    Thanks for your condolencese

  2. Esther Chang ⋅

    Oops! I almost forgot about that. Sorry. I didn’t go out these few days. Will try to help you find the journal. (:

  3. Karlyn

    No problem Simone! (: i wore it everyday in school just in case! Thanks for the concern!
    Hey, esther! It’s okay! Take your time. I haven’t found anything nice yet either!

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