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Another beginning.

Lately, insomnia struck me hard. I rolled in my bed , thought about bringing myself up and blog right ahead when i got the inspiration flowing in me. Then, another idea just popped in my mind instantly when i want to do so, i thought to myself:” I would never remember a thing when i am in front of the screen. ” . So, i decided to lay still on my bed , staring into the darkness , trying to adapt to the indefinite comfort it brings. Which brings me here , today , now , typing it all out loud in a dark room.

From the beginning of this year , i swore that i would do my best to patch up those memories i lost when i was in high school. Knowledge which i acknowledged and which i was searching for so badly because i do not know a thing about mathematics. I have fulfilled my promise and it is time to make a new one. Here , it’s 56 minutes to a new year. Karlyn swore so , and she has done so. A little of applause for her please, some credits i would say.

Every year , there is bound to have some excitements in our life. I have found mine and i am trying my best to maintain it. Maybe i should be a less hardheaded about life, things change. Why spend more time on some chagrin principles which does not make sense in some case?

Like you said once. She remembers .

In the middle of these memories, i have read bunch of articles which have somehow change my view on life itself. The people i have talked to , seen before , or even passed by , randomly ; somehow connected , exchanged views , looked right into their eyes and even accidently knocked them over by the shoulder , have just changed my future and more to come. I am grateful for all have landed into my eyes and my mind.

At the end of the year , you will realized that , time actually flies and it shall not wait for no one, that how we say it in a plain way. I have spent my holiday wisely , sleeping for the most of the time , redemption i shall say , for the time i have missed for my sleep. I have realized that , i have longed for a journal. I shall keep one. But , for now i will try to keep one here. I am an anonymous here , i write for myself and no one else.

40 minutes to 12. I shall miss my memories and i will held it as a precious gift from all the random stuff i have touched , seen , experienced , smelled , sensed , learned , felt and even tasted my own blood for what have i gone through this year.

As i have written above , it is just the beginning of everything. Let it breath , let it fly , let it go.


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4 responses to “Heartbeat.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    A good start! Gambateh! :DDD
    I love the last quote..

  2. Karlyn

    Hah! Nice huh? I have been lagging out in updates of my post. I’m gonna update it as much as possible from now onwards.

  3. Esther Chang ⋅

    Hahaha.. good.. hope to see more updates from you.. 🙂

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