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Eyes on fire.

I will ease your pain.

I got lots to share but the line ain’t working for the past few days. I was totally pissed off.

I went for jogging last Saturday. I got everything done and left for the park. While i was walking to the park. I found out that the small gateway for the park was sealed. So , i went to look for a detour. While i was looking for the detour, some kids were blowing bubbles in the air. The bubbles went towards me by the help of the wind. When the bubbles passed by me, i saw the seven different colours shinning within the bubbles. It’s been a while since i last saw this phenomena, it brings back the old childhood memories. Finally, i have found it and arrived at the park , safe and sound. I never bothered to warm up before i jogged. I jogged for one and a half lap and felt that needles poking at my lower part of my tummy at the right side corner. Then i slowed down to let oxygen to ease my pain.

Maybe i have public phobia. It’s been awhile since the last time i experienced it. I hate public. I hate being alone in the crowd. I just simply hate it for now. Guess, i ‘m mentally blocked.

Went to Noorul’s birthday party although it’s 3 weeks late from the actual date. Well, all i can say is that i really cannot drive in the dark. Maybe i am night blink. Her birthday party was a blast. The presents were all fluffy! So cute in fact!

My friend , Simone has came home! We went out for breakfast and he got a hair cut at a saloon. Which he likes it very much! And i am proud of my boyfriend.

There’s no sense of time, when you’re here with me.


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2 responses to “Eyes on fire.

  1. Esther Chang ⋅

    Yo. Update please! update about your life now! (:

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