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Such a catchy title

You’re a melody in my head. It rhymes in my head.

I went to my dashboard and found out that my new WordPress journal is quite useful for me. I found out Ai-chan visited my blog not long ago! I am delighted! And other very very surprising friends! Thank you!

From Ai.

Cool huh? Ai-chan called it “signature”. One thing for sure, i like it very much! Again, this is my sign of appreciation to my dear friend. Sorry it took me awhile to post this, Ai-chan. Hope yo are okay with it.

Examinations are going well as said. Hope so for the next week days too!

It’s a long day for me. I haven’t rest like today since i don’t even know when. It’s a first time i slept until i woke up naturally without any alarm alert. It was a different kind of feeling and very lazy. What a new experience for me!

I planted two plants today! They are very cute! Hope i will have the time to get the picture up here! Stay tune!

Have a nice day and night ! To you and me!


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6 responses to “ONE, TWO, THREE.

  1. Simon ⋅

    Hope the plants will live… XD

  2. Simon ⋅

    Alright, I will be looking forward to what the plants may look like… XD

  3. Ai ⋅

    Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t pass by earlier! (>__<) Wah~ I feel so ungrateful!
    I'm really glad that you liked my "signature" thingy. People in here are very used to make that kind of things for friends, that's why I thought about it C:
    Ah~ I'm starting this week with my final exams. I'm sure I'll get all stressed out, but well, you know what? I'm going back to Hong Kong/China for this year's vacation!
    I felt so happy when my parents told me!
    Although it's just for vacations, I'll try making the most of this experience. I really miss my hometown lots (u__u)

    Well, I'll try to drop by a bit more from now on, in order not to miss this kind of updates from you *laughs*
    Hope your little plants are growing healthy! 🙂 I'm sure Karlyn's a good mommy who's taking good care of 'em!

    • Karlyn

      Oh man! Congratulation! You finally got your wish come true! Gurl, hope you have a wondeful time in HK alright! Btw , be sure to miss me a bunch! (: Hee! I miss you Ai-chan! Gurl, i’m glad you dropped by and visit me! Hope to hear from you real soon.

      You know , you have the gift for arts! i loves your pictures. so vintage!
      Take care , LOves!

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