Been a while since i last posted, so yeah the first thing is to CLICK the link above to show your love to me! Thank you so much!

Dedicate this to my best friend. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!




A song from Jay Park’s latest album.

It has Omarion feeling to it, but definitely is Jay Park’s Style of music.

I am lost within knowledge. I have no idea why i am so slacking off these days, maybe it’s because i am not in university studying but at home for one month.

Yeah, 3 weeks of holidays are just an excuse for slacking.

Here before.

It’s all clear. What I saw, what I felt.
It’s over between me and you. You belonged to them from the beginning til the end, I am just not there in the picture.

Okay, this sounded so weird for me . Just something random. Aw well , I am lame after all.

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